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EZ-Collectibles is a small family run business, owned and operated by brothers; Pat and Dave.  The two of them have had a long history in collecting items for personal satisfaction and want to bring that enjoyment to you.  The satisfaction of owning an authentic autographed baseball bat from one of the all-time greats or an autographed album from your favorite Rock and Roll band of your youth is exhilarating. 


EZ-Collectibles is focused on bringing those of you who are collectors of sports, music and entertainment memorabilia the items you seek to possess as an investment, to idolize, to proudly display or just as a talking piece.  We have items in stock that are hard to find and will work even harder to locate items you seek and don’t stock.  Our goal is to provide satisfaction in knowing that you possess the items you desire, while ensuring quality and reasonable pricing.  Prices can always be discussed, so If you have a legitimate offer we would be happy to hear it. 


We understand the vintage collectible items we sell are hard to buy without holding.  We do our best with the descriptions and the condition of the items, so the photos are important.  The photos ARE a part of the description.  If you feel you do not have enough information to make an educated purchase, please do not hesitate to ask questions or request more pictures. We are always happy to accommodate those requests.